Good morning we are seeing some issues with ZCM11SP1 and users not being logged in. Basically we use the DLU policy along with applications that are deployed to the users through ZCM11, however; recently we are starting to see issues when a user makes it through the NCL with no issues, appears to make it through ZCM11, and the Windows XP login screens. However; when the user completes the logon process, they are not provided their applications, when right mouse clicking on the ZCM11 smudge icon, the Login tab is grayed out, when they check properties, it shows that they are "Not logged in", thus the User applications are not deployed.

has anyone else seen this, and how (or what) are the workarounds. We need to first ensure that there is a method for the user to get their applications deployed, while at the same time trying to figure out what is causing this "not logged in" issue.