I have a bit of a strange (but major) issue. I have recently joined up a workstation and reinstalled the agent, but somehow this workstation has been given the same GUID as my primary (only) server!

In the Control Center, I can view the server object still, but it shows with the wrong hostname and IP Address:

Alias: [Actual Server Name]
Host Name: [Shows Workstation Name That had Duplicate ID Here]
IP Address: [Shows Workstation IP Address that had Duplicate ID Here]

All the details appear correct in the Adaptive Agent Properties on the actual server.

I've located the workstation that had the duplicate GUID and reset the image safe data, it now has its own GUID. The only problem is, because the ZCC contacts devices by hostname or IP address, it cant connect to the server (effectively itself) to update the record in ZCC.

Is there a way I can edit the object (at least the hostname or IP address) in ZCC so that it can connect properly to update itself? Its currently very broken