yesterday i did an upgrade from ZCM 11 to ZCM 11 SP1. It was successful
on our primary servers. Now we are in the process of testing the new
agents. I detected a problem when using variables in Bundle Requirements:
I set a requirement for Bundle icons and check if the file exists. We
are using ZCM-Variables in all Bundles, e.g.Thunderbird :
We check if
${ProgramFiles}\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe
${ProgramFiles(x86)}\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe
With ZCM 11.0-Agent it works like expected. But the 11.1-agent does not
seem to accept these variables, the Bundle Icon is not visible anymore.
The requirements of the Bundle are not met anymore and the icon is not
showing up. If i look at the requirements tab of the bundle on the agent
i see that the variable is not resolved to the path, the requirements
say "Fehlfunktion" (Misfunction??) in both filters. I placed 2
screenshots on <http://picasaweb.google.com/109514486929419460040> .
Has anybody seen this behavior, too?
Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards,