How do I launch a network app located on an OES 2 NSS network share (i.e. \\ip_address\share\something.exe), which needs admin rights to run locally, but which also needs to be able to access the end-user application files on the network (i.e. [H:\\]Mapped_drive\end-user_folder\something.file_extension)?

Using ZCM 11Sp1, I tried using a "Launch Executable" action, and configured the app bundle to "Run as dynamic administrator" but since that doesn't work (unless I grant public rights to the application share, as well as to the end-user application files -which is not an option); I was wondering if I could use the "Select credential for network access" option. Unfortunately, every time I click on that option, I don't get any username or password fields where I could browse or specify a user to access this data. Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance for your help.