I just started testing ZCM 11.1 in order to move our K-12 school off of ZEN 7 XP workstations to Win 7 ZCM 11 and I am running in to all kinds of issues.

First issue, installed ZCM 11.1 on to a Win2008 64 bit server, patch management agents on single XP workstation and server won't work (runs to step 9 of 9 then errors out). Next day 11.1a is released, agent update fixes XP workstation and PM works fine. Ran 11.1a iso update against server. Server now reports info about (long hex number) deployment not cached and never runs.

Second issue, installed Win 7 Pro 32 bit on workstation, latest Novell client 2 (ir8), windows autoadmin login (with system administrator account), prompts for edirectory. Works perfectly. Add anti-virus (Symantec 12.1) same as WinXP workstation. Try to install ZEN client, won't install (blocked/flagged as virus/malware) no matter what I do or flag under Symantec to ignore. Remove Symantec, reboot, ZEN 11.1a client installs fine. When logging in, everything works to the point of "Processing Login to User Source" where I get a ZENworks login box. It has passed my user info from my Novell login to the ZENworks login but will NOT accept my password (login credentials are incorrect). I have logged in using .username.context and that is what shows in the ZENworks dialog. This is a single TREE enviroment and the XP workstation works fine using the exect same information. At the ZENworks dialog, if I change the username to just username (no dots/context) and use my password it works fine. This seems to be true for any username I try. I then am able to install Symantec 12.1 without issue nor does it complain about ZEN any longer.

What info I hope to gather is.... Have I misconfigured something???, Will ZCM and Symantec co-exist??? Is anybody else seen similar issues??? Does anybody have any special tricks/tips to fix/resolve these issues???

Thanks for reading.