I am getting a spattering of clients that are getting a couple of events after the ZAA11.1a install. The first one is a repeated loop of Windows 7 boot repair prompts. This one seems to be a stuck pattern which the boot repair will get stuck in a cycle of repeatedly running. If I move the process to normal boot I can get one maybe two good boots into the OS but the pattern will start to repeat soon after. This has been happening directly after the install of the agent install. I haven't been able to identify what it is trying to fix yet either.

The other issue is that even after 11.1a agent install I am still getting a lot of Blue Screens from Windows 7 laptops (doesn't seem to occure in any of the desktops yet) The blue screen issues started out related to NDIS crashes which my AV (Panda EndPoint Security) and ZCM11 both have drivers for. The same laptops worked extremely well under ZCM 10.3 for several months without incident. I have a few dump files from the crashes but haven't been able to pin point a reason for the crash. I have a few clients that are reporting 4 to 7 crashes a day all with the same issue.

Anyone have any suggestions on further steps to pinpoint what is going on with the crashes and boot issues. On several of the laptops I am on the verg of removing ZENworks in order to give the end users the ability to work without issue. It would be counter productive to say the least to do so but the crashes are starting to cause major issues with peoples productivity.