I'm new to ZCM. We're using ZCM 11.1 and I'm getting errors trying to install Windows bundles I've created for Windows 7. I've used both XP and Windows 7 to capture the software using repack with Admin Studio 10. I've tried both capture methods of system level capture and snapshot, which I'm used to with Zen 7. I've also tried to migrate zen 7 apps to zcm 11.

When using islc and repack, creation of the MSI is successful. However, when I create the bundle on the ZCM server and push it out to our new Win 7 workstations, I seem to always get various errors on the workstation (generic messages) or the application doesn't launch correctly after installation. I just don't understand since it worked well with Zen 7.

Am I missing an important step or steps so the apps install correctly? I thought this way should work, just as they did when I captured during the install in the first place, and in Zen 7. I'm just really confused as to why this process isn't working and I need to get apps pushed out and it's not installing the MSI correctly.