I have ifolder 3.8 running on SLES 10 SP4, OES2 SP2, authenticating against an Active Directory domain. I set up an iFolder and shared it out to two users, and everything seemed to be working fine. Synchronized docs appeared on both users' machines, and updated files synched, as expected. Unfortunately, when a conflict arises, one computer gets a notice that synchronization failed, but the Resolve Conflict option is not available. The only way I have found to remove the conflict is to make a copy the file that is causing the conflict and delete the original. This of course means that I am losing the changes that were made by the other user, since their version is simply deleted.

I've checked the logs on the server, and I see entries like this:
04-10-2011 15:50:19 "PutFile" "UpdateConflict" "userNameHere" "test3.docx" "00fd5510-guid-436c-9282-cfakeguid"

Can anyone tell my why I don't have the option to resolve conflicts, and what I can do to fix it?


P.S. On a side note, why do I have to answer a CAPTCHA just to search the forums? This is annoying and seemingly pointless.