Ok, so we are deploying shortcuts for some of our apps to the desktop and some less important ones to the start menu.

The start menu apps follow the structure in ZCM, so Shortcut Delivery > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Word, for example. Shortcut delivery being the folder in the root of bundles.

It was decided that we should rename the Shortcut Delivery folder to something more specific as students were missing the folder. We renamed the top level folder (Shortcut Delivery) to (University Shortcuts) with the expectation of it then being reflected in the start menu on the clients. WRONG! After various refreshes, zac ref's and zac cc's on the client, the old name is stubbornly sticking! It wasn't until I had to make a change to one of the shortcuts and republish it (with a new version number) that suddenly the shortcut is appearing in the right place. Sadly only this one shortcut has moved; the others remain in Shortcut Delivery!

It seems, from my experience, that a version increment sorts it; but there is a snag! In ZDM7 and ZCM10, you could manually increment the version.... ZCM 11 you can't (because of sandboxing...) Anyone got any bright ideas on how else I can force this change?