I have a batch file on a network share, \\myserver\share\file.bat, that I am trying to run as the dynamic administrator. The batch file registers dll's on the local client machine. Which works when I run it from the network location, so that is not the issue. When I run it from ZCM as the dynamic administrator, it shows the bundle as being completed. However, when I open Task Manager and look at the processes tab, I see cmd.exe stuck in memory. It never completes. I tried converting the batch file into a vbscript and I get the same result just with wscript.exe hanging in the task manager. I am able to run this logged into the workstation as an administrator, and in ZCM selecting run as logged in user. Problem is my user's will not be Admins so this is not a solution.

I believe there is an issue with dynamic administrator not allowing applications to interact with the logged in user. I am also having an issue with launching .msi files that I want to install from a network share that the user needs to interact with the install.

Workstation: Windows 7 SP1
ZCM: 11.1 w/ Agent update 1 for Zen 11.1

I did open an enhancement request to see if this is a feature that is missing or a bug in the system. I know this feature works in Zen 4 on Windows XP. I would hope with ZCM 11.1, this feature would not be lost.