I have a fresh install of ZPM 11.1 (with patches). I have one client with the agent. The device shows up in the control center. I know that there are patches that are needed on the agent (b/c I set the test up ). However, in the control center, there are no patches as showing as needed. When I go to the devices, and bring up the agent, the summary tab looks fine, as does the inventory tab. The agent version is Not sure what I need to configure in order to get the patches to show up.

Right now, we have ports 80 and 443 open between the agents and server. Do additional ports need to be opened? In running a netstat, it looks like other random ports are showing up such as 36518, 48563-48564, 44118, 37369... Which ports are required for patch management? We are not running any of the other suite of products besides patch management.

Thanks for your help!!!