Since the client update from v10.3.3 to V11.1 we've experienced mstsc.exe
crashes with:

- Workstation with Windows 7 (no issues on WXP)
- With ZEN 11.1 (no issues with ZEN 10.3.3)
- Using Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection version 6 or higher (no issues
with version 5)
- Connecting with RDP to Windows 2008 servers (no issues connecting to
Windows 2003/2000 servers)
- Session works, but mstsc.exe crashes on various actions, like copy/pasting
- The crashes occur even when I disable the clipboard functionality in mstsc

For testing purposes I've removed our SEP12.1 avir software and removed the
ZEN 11.1 client. No more mstsc crashes
After reinstalling the ZEN11.1 client, the mstsc crashes re-appear, with or
without SEP12.1 installed

Any help would be appreciated, this is driving me crazy ;o)

Ron van den Broek