Hey all,

allready opened a call at novell support but they are not responding and i`m running out of time and getting desperate.Maybe someone here can help me.
I upgraded our zenworks server from version 11 to 11.1a. Our machines are installed with windows 7 enterprise 64 bit.
After updating the server nearly all install actions do not work anymore with message "access to folder is denied". SO what i am doing , for example, when i install offie 2010 i copy a .xml file into a folder in "%CommonProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE14\Office Setup Controller\" but access is denied regardless if i try it with the system user or dynamic administrator (before it was the system user and he was able to access every folder i wanted to). So this is just an example. This problem occurs with every action where the bundle trys to copy a file into a folder. its like the system user and dynamic administraor are not allowed to access those folders or to create them or whatever. But this used to work fine before the update. My whole deployment concept depends on that packages that do not work anymore and i so not have the time to built everything new and i have to deploy over 100 machines as soon as possible... Its not a complicated task...just a copy job.. should be no problem for zenworks and it used to work. Any ideas !??

Many thanks in advance and cheers,