Dear forum,
we have just installed version 11.1 on our primary servers. There were no problems with the update itself. But after a few hours some users were calling us, that all user assigned bundles are missing in their nalwin!!! Looking into the control center there was nothing listed under assignments for this users too. Impossible - Because the users inherit a lot of stuff from the OUs above.
We found dozens of errors in the windows event log and services-messages.log. Sorry I have cleared all logs after solving this issue . Therefore I don't have it exactly, but it was something like GENERAL_EXCEPTION GetEffectiveAssignments(). So the reason for the missing assignments was the GENERAL_EXCEPTION for some users.

We tried a lot of things:
- Moving around the users in AD
- Deleting and creating users like this
- Resetting their password
- Assigning bundles and policies directly
- ZAC ref general
- Restarting servers

But all of this had no effect. The assignments tab stayed empty.

Reading around in the forum we found something about some stuff about problems with group membership and malformed group names. Experimenting with this I remembered turning on the "nested groups discovery" in the zone configuration under UserSource Settings -> Active Directory Settings. I set it to Top-level groups and the nested group depth level upto 5.

We changed this back to Top-level groups only and - bang - everyone gets his bundles . The assignments show up in control center and the tons of GENERAL_EXCEPTIONS stopped.

So to everyone with an AD user source - be careful witj this configuration option. Maybe there were group names in the nested groups ZENWorks didn't like. We have a lot of group names starting with $...