I have been reading in the forums about the bundles that require admin rights and exist on a network share and have a few questions to hopefully clear up this process and the limitations on my platform.

I have created a credential setup with a eDirectory username inside zenworks and have set a bundle that is command line based with this credential to run on a basic user right profile inside Windows 7 Pro. Part of the bundle runs a setup that creates a temporary drive map with the users credentials and the actual running of the app is administrators rights based. This seams to be running correctly with a few concerns or possible limitations.

1. I never see the CLI come up on the screen nor do I see a secured session area created and run outside the users session. The bundle shows that section run for a time but I can't verify whether the session was successful or not. The CLI session will not or should not require user intervention but would ask for a reboot (which it is doing) after the CLI portion of the program runs. Is this a current limitation between Windows 7 and ZENworks? Or have I missed a step and the program really hasn't performed as I am intending?

2. If the check box is taken off the Launch Options section that says Use the operating system shell to start the process does this run the process silently without the user seeing the process run in anyway?

3. If a CLI is to run is it better to run the complete process with the Dynamic admin credentials or can it be split up? And example would be this.
1. Create a drive map (currently done in users session)
2. Run a command line based program from the network drive map. (Currently done using the Dynamic Administrator/Credential session)
3. Run a drive map delete/Net user U: /delete (currently done in uses session)
4. Request a reboot (done in users session with a yes/no prompt for the user)