I have following problem.
Whe have about 2000 pc in several classrooms. When a PC have a problem it will be replaced by an other from the stock. The defect pc will be repaired or re-imaged. That pc (pc1) was originaly a managed device and is an item in the database. Somethimes that repaired pc will be used again in on other classroom. Because the pc keep his original name (TAG ID) it will not a new device in the ZCM database.
The problem now: PC1 in classroom 1 has ip address in the inventory it's and he is member of the dynamic group classroom1 (based on ip 10.0.1)
The PC1 is now replaced and later put back in classroom 2 (classroom 2 has ip 10.0.2) the PC1 receive a good IP address for that classroom, but in the inventory it's still At this moment the pc1 receive all application from classroom 1 and is member of the dynamic group classroom 1, because dynamic group based on IP address are coming from info out of the inventory.

As long as the new inventory has not run (mostly one a week) the PC 1 is in the wrong group.

How can i avoid this?