I'm trying to work with the "Install Directory" action that transfers all
the files around as one big package (for speed reasons). We tried playing
with this with SP1 first came out, and noticed similar issues. We're trying
again (different bundle this time), and still notice some strange behavior
when uploading files into a "Single Content" package.

What happens is this:

1. We create the install directory action, select a folder, and select
"Upload all files within the source directory as a single package". (About
85MB, 600 files)

2. No errors occur in ZCC when we do this.

3. We wait a few minutes, and publish the bundle.

4. We try to run the bundle on a device, and we get an error about content
not being cached. We try to verify, but it still fails.

5. We look at the "Primary Server Replication Status" under the Settings
tab of the bundle, and we see that the status is "Unavailable" on both of
our Primary servers.

6. We let it sit overnight, and our 1st primary server now has the bundle
content "available", but our second primary server does not. There's no
special settings that would limit this replication. This does not happen
for any other bundle we create either. It only seems to happen when we
upload content into a "single package".

Any suggestions? Any logs to look at?