I'm taking a look at cleaning up some of our bundles and making the transfer
of large packages more efficient. Our bundle installation phase during
imaging has been very slow this year. Until this point, I thought it was
because of Office 2010 being much larger (even though we have it zipped into
a self extracting EXE).

I was looking through the workstation's zen cache directory during imaging,
and noticed that there were multiple copies of Groupwise MSIs, along with
Adobe Reader MSIs, two copies of our AV software, and an Office.exe
self-extracting archive was present, even though I DISABLED that Install
File action in the bundle and chose to use a "Install Directory"
(single-package) action instead. So, digging deeper into my bundles, I'm
seeing that we have disabled actions (last year's actions) along with
enabled actions (for programs we updated this year). It doesn't appear to
be actually completing the "install file" or "install directory" actions for
those marked as "disabled", but it certainly looks like the ZCM agent is
bringing down the files for those disabled actions to the zen cache!!

So, my question is: Is this by design? Or have I stumbled across a bug??