I'm trying to create a bundle for upgrading our Office 2007 installations from SP2 to SP3 and have the mechanics down for doing the actual installation, but I want to insert a little script to prompt users with instructions before it runs if I decide to force it out to all machines rather than manually initiate the upgrade.

To successfully launch the update I found that I had to copy the update executable locally to the system before I could get it to launch successfully, that is fine for the sake of the update. What I want to do is run a script before the service pack installation begins which will prompt the user to close any Office applications until the update finishes. Then after the update completes I would like to run another script to delete the SP3 installation file that I had to copy locally.

What is happening is that the installation just begins, and it appears that the deletion task tries to run before the SP installation finishes, so I get a "file in use" error.

I have tried adding a simple .BAT script file by upload and by defining my own script methods within ZenWorks and setting the "Wait before proceeding to next action" option to "When action is complete" and I have tried placing it before the Launch Executable under the Launch tab, and after the Copy File task under the Install tab, but I just can't get the initial message to prompt.

My script is as follows:
@echo off
echo Please close any Office applications before continuing.
echo Any unsaved data will be lost.

The way that I am understanding that the script and launch should work is that with the "Wait...when action is complete" options on the script should not allow the SP upgrade to run until either any key is pressed or the command window is closed (but it isn't even showing up). Are there any ideas for what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!