This past weekend I upgraded my ZCM server to SP1 and I'm loving everything that it's brought, especially the patch release date feature for Patch Management!

Now that I have a better action plan, I've started deploying patch bundles starting with our oldest outstanding patches trying to bring things up to the present time. So far I've pushed out 2 patch roll-up bundles for miscellaneous patches that PM says were not applied over the past years. I am showing 100% success in deployment but in the master PM list, I'm still showing the same systems and patches as being not patched.

Meanwhile I've also patched a few specific systems that I don't always have access to, which again show 100% success and those unpatched counts are disappearing from the list. Any ideas as to why this isn't working?

A couple of the patches I understand why, Office 2007 compatibility for older versions of office is probably detected since some of the systems had an older version of Office and needed the compatibility patch before we upgraded to 2007, so are being detected as on the system but won't need to be updated. Other patches like Windows Installer 4.5 are still showing even though when I click on the unpatched count the count either isn't correct or is empty.