The software is pre-installed on our Win7 image and now I need to upgrade it to a newer version. Software vendor suggested to perform an uninstall and then install the new version to minimize potential problem.

I tried the following two method :

1) use the installer come with the software in batch file

setup.exe /s -f1"C:\Temp\uninstall.iss"
setup.exe /s -f1"C:\Temp\install.iss"

by using the dynamic administrator to install, I got several error pop up on accessing "C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Driver\11\Intel 32\IDriver.exe". I can successfully install the software by clicking "ignore" to continue the installation. I don't get similar error popup when I logon as Win7 administrator to invoke the setup. Is there any way to suppress/skip the prompt??

2) Use AdminStudio snapshot to convert the installation shield to an MSI for uninstall of the old version
I reviewed the all setting and only related files and registry are removed in the MSI package, however my Win7 crashed after install the bundle.
I encountered similar problem on packaging other software using AdminStudio Snapshot for Win7. I never successful on using snapshot to build bundle for Win7.

Anyone have suggestion on doing the uninstall??