This just started earlier today after over a year on GroupWise 8.0.2 with no
changes to the GroupWise system.

I had a total of five users report to me today that when they tried to send
or reply to an email, the email window became unresponsive and the message
was never sent.

GroupWise was still responsive. You could open and close other email
messages, but if you tried to send a new one or reply to one, that window
would also become unresponsive.

If we went to Tools > Options > Environment, we could check each of the tabs
until we came to the Signature tab. Once you clicked on the Signature tab,
it showed nothing and the Environment window as well as all of GroupWise
became unresponsive. A restart cleared it up in all but one instance. A
second restart of GW took care of that one.

Any clues as to what could be causing this?