With Groupwise 8.0.2 on Netware 6.5SP8, I have one user who receives
monthly messages from a given email address. Those messages are not
reaching her. I am pretty sure this is a client-side issue, but have
run out of places to look.

The message makes it through our external mail filtering service. It
shows as being received by GWIA and being transferred to the MTA. I'm
not sure what else to be looking for on the server side, but we have no
internal mail screening (i.e. blacklisting or virus-checking), just the
external service that is definitely processing it and sending to the
in-house server, and then the client-side settings.

The message never shows up in the user's mailbox.

The user does not have her messages set to block unknown senders (i.e.
those not in her address book.) She also has, anyway, added the sender
to her whitelist. We have double- and triple-checked that the sender is
not on her junk mail list etc. We have double- and triple-checked that
no rules are kicking in.

So where can these monthly messages, from this one sender, be going?
And how do I track it?

The user has no other issues and no other un-received email except these
messages from this one sender.


-- DE