I have an issue with a 3.8 iFolder server. It filled it's / partition a week ago and stopped working. I freed up some space and restarted it and all seemed well -- clients were connecting and the web access piece was working well.

However, today it was discovered that a newly installed client doesn't work. It installs fine, but after the reboot when the configuration wizard launches and I fill in all the details, it gives:

"An error was encountered while connecting to the iFolder server. Please verify the information entered and try again. If the problem persists, please contact your network administrator."

It does pop up the warning that we're using a self-signed certificate, so it's making contact with the server.

From the same computer, web access to iFolder works fine.

Computers that had the client before the server issue continue to work fine.

We tried installing a new client on several different computers with both XP and Win 7 and all act the same way.

I found the TID that talks about the inspection.wsil file and, not finding that file on the server, I created it as the TID suggested. That did not resolve the issue.

Any suggestions?