In my GW setup, I have linked under my Main calendar two shared calendars to which I have been granted Read and Add access. I can see items from these calendars and my personal calendar all on the main calendar view, each color-coded differently.

I added a new task to one of the shared calendars--from that shared calendar's view, I double-clicked a day and then double-clicked in the tasklist section to add a new posted task, and then posted it. The new task shows up in the shared calendar's view, but from my main calendar I do not see that item. It only shows up when I exit GW and then go back in.

I had a user who was having this issue, and I have been able to replicate. For others who also had access to this same shared calendar, most of them saw the added item in their main calendar view, having set the calendar to view in main calendar.

Why on a few users does the new item not show up unless they exit GW and go back in?

Groupwise 8.02 HP3 on SUSE Linux 11 sp1, GW 8.02 HP3 windows clients on Windows XP.