Running ZCM 11.1 on SLES 11 SP1 primaries.

I deactivated on all my Windows Servers Endpoint Security Agent (Device
Management / ZENWorks Agent / Agent Features / Endpoint Security
Management installed not checked.

So far so good that worked.

But we had a problem, that ZESService is configured to reboot
automatically the server, if the services crashes. That happend serveral
times and that is not acceptable on servers!

So i created a ZES Security Policy to deactivate ZES self defense.

Works well on my Workstations, but not on Servers, because this policy is
not applicable, because Endpoint Security is not installed.

So i tried on one Server to re-activate ZES (Servername / Settings /
Device Management / ZENworks Agent / override and Endpoint Security
Management installed checked.

But also after ony day wainting and rebooting the server Endpoint
Security comes not back.

How can i reinstall Endpoint Security to make the ZES Policy running?

Thank you and regards