Hi over a long time here!
OES 2 SP3 on SLES 10 SP3, iFolder client and, Windows 7 SP1 64bit, Windows XP SP3 32bit.
Client had a ifolder on server, sync was with client (suggested from support for solving another problem), very stable, must admit. Then I installed for him Windows 7 64bit device and installed iFolder on top of it. And right away I noticed that error "some items not synced" appear on regular basis and in log I see error (corresponding to not synced items" count, even in log I don't see exactly what not synced) "Exception at Infile destructor". And iFolder client stop sync after this error was reached. For sync to continue we need to exit and start iFolder service again and it did sync till same error and ... So far with XP was everything ok some month or so, now I see same problem appear on XP device also. With same client/user. I have open SR, but it takes painfully long time to get any feedback.
Any ideas here? Experiences?
More thanks, Alar.