I have an application that gives me the TID of a support bulletin. I'd like a way to get a link directly to the bulletin on Novell's site.

For instance I see a Bulletin for apache2 for SLES 11 SP1 and it covers:


I'd like a way to search automatically by TID in a URL. My provider does not always provide the support ID for the bulletin, but the TID is always there.

I do notice if I goto:

NOVELL: Support

and search for the TID I get hits for the bulletin I'm looking for. Is there a way for me to use the URL itself with my search criteria in it?

So I could add something like:


To the URL in some particular string format?

Other search criteria may help as well if you cannot with the TID. I typically have a CVE, or bugzilla number too. The TID seems to be the most consistent though.

Thanks in advance for your time.