Hello Community,

i´ve got a strategic question about the distribution and install of the
bundles. what´s the best way to set up the distribution & launch install
of bundles?

a group of bundles called "must have" contains bundles like acrobat
reader, firefox, flash-player, java-runtime etc. these programs are
required at all of our clients and had to update regular to avoid

at the moment we configured the bundle-group like following;

- distribution schedule: recurring - when a device is refreshed
- launch schedule: event - user login.

if the client detects a new bundle-version on the server, it downloads
the bundle to the local cache. installation-process starts up next time
user logs in.

we turned on "show bundle activity" to give our users a feedback whats
going on their pc; when local Zen-Agent does a refresh, several
bundle-activity-windows runs on sreen and steals the working user the focus.

how is your operating-experience about this? how did you keep your
systems up-to-date without disturbing the users to much?