I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post this question, here is my issue.

I need to be able to assign a computer to a group rather than a person.

What I have are users who roam from workstation to workstation, there is a specific application that each user needs to have access to however that application changes (slightly) based upon which building the user logs into. What I'd rather avoid if at all possible is assigning the different views as a group per building to a user as this would mean multiple times per day the user would have to be put into different groups to correspond to the different buildings. What I would prefer is to have the computer in each building assigned the views via a group that the application is allowed in that building, then regardless of what authorized user logs in the application presents the correct view.

Is this a possible configuration with ZW11? I've about made my eyes bleed looking at different ways to describe what I'm looking to do (have even tried looking for the answer as a group policy with DSfW) and either I cannot adequately describe what I need for the forum search tools or it's not possible.

Thanks in advance,