We have number is ISSUES with ZCM11SP1a.

1) The Features and not same level as Zenworks Patchmanagement 6.4 which is still working well for us so this move to ZCM11SP1 seem like a backward in years

i) Manatroy Groups in ZCM is hopeless nosleep groups, each and every patch assigned to every device with no option or automatic removal of association once patch applied
ii)Remidiate errors too many with no explantions of error codes etc.

2) I understand some features are done diffrently but some of the most loved features have no similar options on ZCM

i)No option for just the Patch agent to be put to sleep during the working hours and wake them during nights or patch windows
ii)The way patch agent installed after client isntall worries me too much can go wrong no way to contorl what being installed and when it will be instlled this is a worry as it can break all our clients when the patch agent updated if it anything like now it doesn't give us that confident in the product.

3)The must be a some Novell customers using the product if then are using successfully then please ask them to do a case study and publish theose findings as it stands I dobut any one using it in 1000+ client enviroment ( I am only talking about Patchmangement within ZCM11)

4) Trainging can you please publish some trainig vendors who have special Training on this matter or Novell ATT should do a course on ZCM11 Patchmangement Training how to use it in Enterprise enviroments.