Hi there,

In our great migration towards an ZCM11 environment with Active Directory as User Source I've encountered the following issue:

All user assigned bundles do not show up on our Windows 7 workstations. When I view the agent properties and go to bundles I only see my device assigned bundles.

I've tried several things like, clearing the agent cache, restarts of server, services and workstation, played with nested group settings and is currently set to Top Level Groups only.
This problem occurs on Windows 7 machines with 10.3.3 Agents and Windows 7 machines with 11.2 agents. Haven't tested it on XP machines yet (our new environment will contain Windows 7 machines only)

Has any one seen this before and able to solve it? I've seen some posts about it, but did not find a solution yet that worked for us...
Hope anyone can help us out...

Thanks in Advance