I'm having problems with Patch Management and the first generation of PC's in my building from when I started using ZCM 10.x, and I'm currently running ZCM 11 SP1. The first group of PC's that I imaged with ZCM 10 are all experiencing this same problem in different ways and I'm trying to apply my backlog of patches so that I'm up to date before going forward with Patch Management. When the first group of computers were imaged, the ZCM agent was installed and active on the original image, which resulted in me having to manually disconnect and reconnect each system from ZCM so that it would generate a new GUID instead of all systems using the same one. All systems that were originally under the one single GUID are experiencing this issue, but systems that were reimaged with a rebuilt image that did not include the ZCM agent are not experiencing the same trouble.

The trouble that I'm experiencing is that I cannot get patches to apply on any of what I'm calling my building's first generation of ZCM managed systems. I have tried creating patch bundles by patch and by machine, and all of these first generation systems experience the same thing. The bundle gets sent to the system, it errors out on installation but does trigger a restart if indicated, and after restarting and Analyze.exe checking for updates very few if any patches have been applied. From the system and bundle message logs I'm seeing the patching process getting stuck on different bundles and giving different errors, so I don't think that it is likely that it is a bad patch downloaded or trying to be applied, especially since my 2nd and 3rd generation of ZCM managed systems receive the same updates just fine. Always under the bundle status, the bundle shows as being applied and completed, but when I look at the succeeded details, it always shows as being Partial Complete, with only Distribution being "green lit" and Installation being blank, where successful bundles show both with the green indicator.

That is where I then look at the details under Partial Complete and the Installation tab, and most often I'm seeing either remediate.exe error 144 or Unknown error (0xffffffff), and again this is only on the systems from the first year and initial problems that we had when we started using ZCM.

What settings would I need to turn on to get detailed logging for the patch management process so that I can try to determine why I keep getting all of these failures on these systems? I really don't want to redo them as it counts for about 1/3 of the PC's in my building, but I would like to get patch management working for all of my systems to make managing updates easier. Thank you.