We've been fighting this issue for a while now, and when we thought it went
away, it seems to have came back again.

We have issues with bundles (including patch mgmt bundles) failing to
replicate to our 2nd primary server in our DMZ. A little over a week ago, I
deleted ALL of our DAU bundles so I could get them to rebuild, and at that
point content was replicating to our other primary server and they were
"available". Now, after the DAU bundles have been automatically "modified"
each day, the bundles are again "unavailable" on our DMZ primary server.

If I create a bundle of some type, it seems to be hit or miss as to if the
content will replicate to our DMZ primary server.

Is there anything one can do to troubleshoot where things might be breaking
down? I've increased logging on the DMZ primary to errors, warning, and
info as well. I read that all the replication logging is in
loader-messages. Is this correct?