Hi All

I need suggestion & help on the below requirement

Requirement: I am planning to install edirectory directory service for my customer, since the requirement is to have a Directory Service like AD, & to provide logging service to the directory, & to have all the user data & home directories on the server. The users have different desktops like Windows XP,7,RHEL & Ubuntu desktops. I need Novell Client to install on all the user machines & provide logging services.

1) Is edir can be used to apply policies & group policies like AD.
2) Novell Client for RHEL & Ubuntu
3) To create volumes on the OES (like we do on netware servers) to share the volumes to the users.
4) iManager is installed but the browser is unable to open the page.(object not found)
5) Users Home Directories should be stored in server.

Server OS: SLES 10 SP4 32-bit
Applications: OES2 SP3 32-bit