I try to upgrade vibe 3.1to 3.2, and it say that I need run DB upgrade script after upgrade software, and I read section 19.2.1 (updating the vibe Database from 3.1 to 3.2),but when I run "mysql -u root -p root /root/vibe32/teaming-3.2.0-sql/update-3.1-3.2.0/update-mysql.sql" (the admin & password are root/root in my lab), it could not run...it show"ERROR 1102 (42000): Incorrect database name ''/root/vibe32/teaming-3.2.0-sql/update-3.1-3.2.0/update-mysql.s"....
I could verify the my vibe 3.1 is work fine yet (my using vmware shapshot to verify)....which step or command that I do wrong ?