Other than sending up, pulling down and multicasting images I haven't explored if there is anything else to do with ZCM imaging to know if there is a Disk to Disk imaging solution built into it. Is there, and if so can someone point me to documentation on it?

What I'm looking for is something like Ghost at least used to be, I haven't used it in so long to know if it is still this way. With Ghost I was able to install a 2nd hard drive, boot to the Ghost Disk, and in the imaging menu I was able image the contents of the original disk to the newly installed one as long as it was equal or larger size, all without needing to be connected to the network. This feature was very useful in situations where a hard drive was starting to go bad but was still usable and allowed for a single operation to move data to the new disk.

The closest thing that I can think of in ZCM from what I'm aware of would be to multicast the original computer to the destination disk in another system and then swap the drives when it has been completed.