We have Groupwise 8.0.2 running on a Netware 6.5 SP8 server with Windows XP SP3 on the pc's. The user currently has iPrint client version 5.68, and Netware client version 4.91 SP5 (IR1).

Problem: One user can not print Groupwise messages when they are in HTML format on just one particular printer (Laserjet 4350). When he toggles a message to Text format, it will print ok on the 4350. All his other apps print ok (Excel, Word, etc). He can print HTML messages on any of the other printers ok, and other people can print HTML messages on the 4350. Here are the things I have tried, unsuccessfully:

- uninstalled/reinstalled Groupwise
- opening his Groupwise on my computer will print the HTML messages to the 4350 without any problems.
- on his computer, emails will print ok to the 4350 from Groupwise WebMail
- deleted all his printers
- deleted all printer drivers
- uninstalled/reinstalled the iPrint client (5.68)
- installed new version of the iPrint client (5.74)
- tried both Postscript and the Universal printer driver
- the iPrint popup in the lower right corner of the screen says that it "printed successfully", but nothing comes out.
- ran GWCheck on his GW account
- updated the BIOS
- I can open the printer properties in Windows, and see the print job go into the Windows queue. It stays there for a few seconds and then is removed when the job is sent on to the printer, but nothing ever comes out, not even the banner page.
- the printer and JetDirect card firmware are up to date

Any help would be appreciated.... Thanks