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Thread: Composing HTLM Hangs/Crashes GW client

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    Composing HTLM Hangs/Crashes GW client

    I have one user with Windows 7 64-bit fully patched who cannot use HTML for
    composing e-mail, whether new or via a reply. When he tries to compose a new
    message/reply with HTML selected, it hangs the client and eventually crashes out
    altogether. The client has been re-installed and that has not made any difference.
    I've also asked him to switch the fonts he's using in the view and compose, and that
    has made no difference, either.

    Not sure what else to try at this point. As this is our web guy, he's pretty
    embedded in using HTML so is not a happy camper with me right now.
    We are using the 8.0.2 client with HP3 (build is 96933).

    This does not seem to be an issue on the 32-bit clients we have (that I have seen
    or know of).

    Any ideas?
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