Hello NG

In our environment we work with NWClient 2 SP1 IR9, ZCM11 SP1a and Roaming
profile is activated by a ZCM policy.

Now we have the problem, that when a user logout from the workstation, the
roaming profile is not stored completely to the home profile. Strange is,
that the ntuser.dat has an updated times
The homedirectory where the roaming profiles should be stored is a NSS

On the workstation evenviewer i saw following interesting information.

Event ID 1509
Source \\?\C:\Users\MichelB\Favorites\Links
Target \\?\UNC\SERVER2$NOCSC$\HOMEL\USERS/MichelB\Windows NT 6.1 Workstation
Error The system can not found the path

Source \\?\C:\Users\MichelB\Favorites
Target \\?\UNC\SERVER2$NOCSC$\HOMEL\USERS/MichelB\Windows NT 6.1 Workstation
Error The system can not found the path

etc. this happens for all folders in the profile path.

Then event ID 1534 is diplayed that says there was too many copy errors.....
And at last the Event ID 1504 that says that the roaming profile couldn't be
updated completely

I suppose that here the Novell Client has problems to write to the NSS

Somebody can help me to solve this issue?