We are running iFolder version 3.8 on OES 10 server. I can access the folder via the web interface ( and I can access the admin console (htp:// I can access the folder from externally (http://(external ip)/ifolder). So far so good.

I cannot access the folder via the windows client. It just gives me the standard connection error. Also, when I try to connect externally, I can access the iFolder applet, but it keeps prompting me to re-enter my username and password.

I have already read and followed TIDs 7005748 and 7009563.

Could this be an issue with the OESCommonProxy user? Possibly not authenticating through LDAP? Can I create another common proxy user just for iFolder so I don't have to mess around with the OESCommonProxy user and possibly break DNS/DHCP?

Any advice would be great! Thanks.