In the left-hand "Bundle Tasks" pane of any ZENworks bundle, immediately below "Assign to User" and immediately above "Add to Bundle Group", there is a link reading "Refresh Assignments". From that phrasing, I would expect it to trigger an agent refresh on all workstations to which the bundle is associated (directly or by inheritance). However, when I click on that link, nothing appears to happen.

Furthermore, I have not been able to find any reference to this task anywhere. It doesn't appear in either the "Actions" or the "Quick Tasks" drop-down menu from the list-of-bundles pages in ZCC; Google knows nothing about it; all of the references found when searching for "Refresh Assignments" in the ZENworks documentation are irrelevant (most of them match the phrase "Refresh in Assignments" from ZENworks Linux Management); and as far as I've been able to determine with the limited search functionality provided here, it doesn't seem to have been discussed on these forums.

Does anyone know what this task is supposed to do, why it doesn't seem to be documented, or indeed anything about it beyond what I've described?