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Thread: Users mail automatically goes into trash inconsistently

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    Users mail automatically goes into trash inconsistently

    Server - Groupwise 8.02 HP3

    Client - Groupwise 8.02

    C1 - 7.0.3

    This one has both myself and the Network Admin scratching our heads. We just upgraded the client from 7.0.3 to 8.02 so that is why it's in the 7 forum, just in case this is a bug from 7 to 8.

    We have a user, whose inbox randomly moves or "deletes" emails and puts them in the trash folder at inconsistent intervals. It could be 15 minutes, it could be an hour. They just randomly move for no reason. And it's randomly dated emails. Today (12/15) all 12/15 emails are in trash. 12/14 and before are not affected. Yesterday it was anything 11/18 and newer that was deleted.

    NO rules are defined, C1 leaves mailbox Cleanup on Manual Delete & Archive for Mail, Phone, Appt, Task & Note. This is domain level down so it cannot be changed by the user. Empty trash is on automatic (after 90 days) and Allow purge of items not backed up is selected...again this is Domain level down.

    We even had a Novell chat session where the agent remoted in and looked around and made one change (empty trash was changed) and that did not solve the issue. He did mention our C1 did not have the latest snaps-ins installed (I have no idea how to do that) so we are leaving it as is.

    We have run GWCheck on integrity and DB and nothing came back, all is gravy.

    This is affecting only 1 user out of about 400 and what's even more puzzling is this is in a fleet services bay that about 15 different guys use to check email/order parts. This guy is the only one (profile dependent?)

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. We have run reset client options and just recreated user database (about 15 min ago)

    Other than wiping the account, we have no further ideas.


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