after Switching the Client from GW7 to new GW802 HP3 Clients we regonize, that Startupswitch /@u-? didn't work anymore like on GW7 Versions.

We have 2 Groupwise Icons on the Windows Desktop.

- one for Regular User, where Groupwise is configured to use eDirectoy Login and don't ask User for Logindata.
- a second Icon, per ZEN delivered, Icon who kill's notify.exe and start Groupwise with /@u-? Option to ask Logindata for different User.

This run fine on Workstations with GW7 but not with GW8 and i don't know why.
On the second Scenario, it will always the "regular" Groupwise Useraccount will be logged in and there isn't any chance to change the Login Data.

There isn't any notfiy.exe, gwsync.exe ore Adressbook.exe running.

Any hint's about this, look's like a bug for me?