GW8.0.2hp3mult windows client.
Step-1: Has created the personal address book: "sssssss"
Step-2: Has created New Entry=""Contact" in this "sssssss" with name: test1
Step-3: Select "test1" | Details | Advanced | Properties = "System properties"
And see:
Created = 12/28/2011
Modified = 12/28/2011
This Is OK.

Step-4: Back to the AB="sssssss" and Export File (select csv).
In this file I see columns:
.......Primary,Created,Modified,Last refer,.....

Column "Modified" - OK . This Column with information:

Column "Created" with a problem. This column EMPTY!! ( There there should be a value: 12/28/2011 )

What can i do ?
Help me