There seems to be a problem with the Groupwise.ItemGetText function. I am using it in an applet to retrieve all recipients of a draft message, however the result returned from the function is truncated.

Here is a basic summary of my applet function: I go get a list of all room names from a database and put it in an array, then loop through all recipients of the appointment message and compare if the name is on my list of rooms and counting how many rooms have been 'invited' to the meeting. This works ok, but I've hit a bump in my testing. When sending an appointment booking to a large group of people (it's not unusual to invite 200+ people to some presentations), the Groupwise.ItemGetText function always truncates the list at roughly 104-109 names (not always the same number, or roughly 2000-2100 characters in string length), with the last name in the list ending with an ellipsis (...)

Why does it truncate there and how can I see the remainder of the list items?
[We are running Groupwise 7.0.3 with Formativ 2.0]

Simplified code excerpt:

strRecipients = GroupWise.ItemGetText("X00", itfTo)
arrRecipients = Split(strRecipients, ";", -1, 1)

For each recipient in arrRecipients
For each room in arrAllRoomsFromDB
If Trim(recipient = Trim(room) Then
intCountRooms = intCountRooms + 1
End If

If I do a MsgBox(UBound(arrRecipients)), even though I have 200+ recipients, it pops up a name from the middle of the list with an ellipsis (eg. Fred Flintstone(...))

I can't find any documentation on the limitations of this function and am not sure how to get around it. Would appreciate any suggestions.