I have a few questions regarding Patch Management error and Baseline that I am hoping someone might have some advice on.

1. I know you can manually delete the C:\Program Files\Novell\Zenworks\cache\zdm folder and refresh the contents of the cache. I am wondering if deleting the contents of ZPM would also run the same function when a system repeatedly fails to deploy patches. I haven't tried it yet but was hoping someone with more experience would have a good answer before I start playing....

2. When I go into patch management and look at the dashboard I can see three of the four options. When do theses options refresh? I seem to see a refresh twice a day but can't find any setting on this option. Also is there something I should be doing to get the BaseLine portion of the dashboard to display? Right now I have nothing showing. I do have baselines assigned to groups so I would assume it would have data to be displayed.

3. I have created groups for the baselines. I have been deploying baselines to the dynamic groups Windows 7, Windows XP and two that I created, Windows 7 x64 and Office 2010. Is this what i should be doing or should I only place the baselines in one group?

I have also seen a few posts were they reference manually launching remediate and Analyze. Is this something that helps and if so is it just a launching of those exe's or is there a switch I should be placing with them to run this properly?

Thanks for the help.