We're currently upgrading from ZEN 6.5 to ZCM 11.1. I've read the various posts about issues with large installs like Office where the work-around seems to be that you do a copy folder to a local drive and then launch the install from temp folder on C:. Or you would have to launch the install from one specific share which is the whole problem with some slow WAN sites and why we'd like to launch from the closest satellite. In the old days we simply replicated the NAL push to each local NetWare server /OU and changed the source path and put in some restrictions saying that the IP address had to be within the given ranges for this local site or the app shows as unavailable.
What I would like to do is see if there is a way to run these installs from a share on our Win 7 satellite boxes separate from the content repository that I could reference automatically based on location awareness/closest server. I know you can display the location on a PC using the zac cl command but to parse out only the actual location seems to be a bit of work. Is there any variable or command that references the current ZEN location of the client without all of the extra information? That way I could build a script to say something like

If remote location=loc1 then launch \\remotesat1\share\office12\setup.exe
if remote location=loc2 then launch \\remotesat2\share\office12\setup.exe and so on.

I'm not concerned about credentials on the satellites because we could either do an anonymous share or setup a common set of credentials on each satellite and store it in the ZEN vault.
That way we could have one bundle for all users for all locations but it would dynamically launch the install from the right one based on our location rules. I think the location stuff is great and that will help for all of the regular content the we cache down to the PCs but it would be even better if we could leverage that info programmatically to launch installs if that's possible.