I have a user that recently got a new computer but can't remember their passphrase, so keeps getting prompted by iFolder to enter it. I've found in the iFolder admin guide for the 3.8 client that from the client I needed to run the Forgotten Password wizard, which generates a XML file. The instructions say that the Administrator will know what to do with it, unfortunately I don't know what to do.

I've found the key recovery utility and have exported the certificates that were in step 6.7 of the admin guide, but when I get to 6.7.7 Using KeyRecovery to Recover Data, I'm at a loss. Other than a reference to the XML file getting created, there is nothing that says what to do with the XML file. I can continue on with the KeyRecovery application and as far as I can tell, no output file is getting created and I'm not seeing anything to take back to the original system where I was resetting the passphrase. Help!