I have an iFolder 2.1.8 client on Windows 7 32-bit that has a problem. The files download from the server, but they never get inserted. The iFolder root is on the user desktop, not under My Documents which is where I've had this problem in the past. What I'm seeing by way of behavior now is that the client will say Synchronization complete. It rests a bit and then says Synchronizing with server and shows the little downloading arrow on the tray app. It does this for up to 10 minutes before it finally repeats Synchronization complete and starts the cycle over again. I have 1) reinstalled several times, 2) disabled startup programs, 3) turned off non-MS services, 4) turned off the Windows firewall, 5) turned off anti-virus. None of this helps. Can anyone give me a clue of how to resolve this? Is there any way to determine why it is failing to insert the files?